Why Opera is the Best Browser: 12 Reasons to Switch Now!

The internet is an integral part of our day-to-day lives – irrespective of whether you’re a student, a journalist, or a housewife. Since the inception of internet, we’ve seen a whole range of browsers hit the market by storm, only to fade away later. Only a few have survived and at present, some of the leading internet browsers include Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser to name a few. But there is only one browser that has been the choice for millions of people from all around the world ever since its release. This browser has only evolved and made browsing experience so much better. Yes, we’re talking about the Opera!

However, Opera doesn’t enjoy as much popularity as it used to, and has lost a major chunk of its users to more popular browsers like Chrome. But as people moved on from Opera, they also left behind all the amazing features this browser keeps on offering with every update it brings on the table. Down below is the list of features that makes Opera a great internet browser, and why you should consider switching to this awesome browser –

1. Turbo Mode

This feature makes your browsing experience so much faster, as it downloads less data for loading web pages. This feature compresses all the graphic elements that are present on the webpage you are on, by using Opera’s servers. Only the unencrypted websites sport the Turbo feature. It proves itself to be very useful in the situations of very slow internet connection or when we are low on the data pack on the mobile version of the browser.

To enable Opera Turbo, click on Opera Menu which is on the top left corner.

In case you do not want to switch it on, nor turn it off, you can set this feature in the Automatic mode. This way whenever you are facing the slow internet issue, it will turn itself on so that your browsing speed is no longer lagging.

2. Built-in ad blocker

The only thing an individual can hate the most about the internet is the ads that keep popping up on the screen in the middle of something important and consumes your precious time. Ads which aren’t designed properly can make your browsing experience slower than usual. Opera’s really cool feature is the remedy for all the unwanted ads, a built-in ad-blocker which also comes with a few tweaks of its own. The feature allows you to enable ads on the websites that you like and block accordingly as well.

As compared to the browsers which do not have an ad blocker integrated, the webpage is loaded 40 percent faster with the Opera’s built-in ad blocker.

You can also see the number of ads you have blocked on a particular page in the statistics that the browser provides.

Turn on this feature by going to the Opera Menu and then clicking on the Settings. The very first option is for ad blocking.

3. Built-in VPN

Opera offers its users a safe browsing. It has a VPN which is inbuilt and is free to use, unlike another browser where you will have to pay something to utilize the VPN option.

Steps to turn it on: Browser settings – Privacy and Security section – Enable VPN

Enabling this feature will add the VPN option on your address bar so that you can easily switch it on/off. The best part about VPN feature of Opera is that it not only provides secure browsing; it does not affect the speed of your browsing at all.

4. Pop-out videos

We all get annoyed when a page loads a video with sound activated. The pop-out video feature that Opera offers will show an icon on the corner of the screen whenever there is a video running on any of the website opened on your website at that time.

The feature plays another significant role as well. When we are using a video sharing website, such as YouTube and we scroll down to the recommended videos or the comments section, the video is scrolled away as well. But Opera won’t let that happen. The video playing will stay in its place at the top while you can browse the rest of the sections as well.

This feature is exceptionally handy in situations where you are playing a video of troubleshooting and the instructions or you are watching some tutorial on other tabs.

5. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp nested in the sidebar

A complete version of both the applications, FB Messenger and WhatsApp are nested in the sidebars of the browser. This way switching between applications from tab to tab will never be a tedious task and you are not distracted if you are working on something important. The chats can also be pinned so that you can continue to chat as well as work simultaneously. And every time you receive a new message, you will be notified in the browser directly.

6. News Digest

This feature will keep you updated on all that’s happening around the world. To start with, you provide it with basic information for the Opera to give you the apt news. You will not have to go from one website to another just to keep a track on the latest news. You can explore them in one place. It also allows you to personalize this feature, for example, selecting sources of news, the language you prefer and the news beat you prefer.

There will be a number of news articles lined up on your feed for you to read.

7. Chrome Extension Compatibility

Web-browsers offer this very intriguing feature of Add-ons and Extensions.

For those of you who want to use Chrome extensions on Opera, Opera can make it happen for you. You will have to download the Chrome extension add-on and you’re all set to go. Though Opera does not support the functioning of Chrome apps but it does run few extensions.

After the Chrome extensions are installed, you will notice that in Chrome store, the ‘Add to Opera’ button has replaced the ‘Add to Chrome’. Now all you have to do is click on that button for installing your favorite Chrome extensions in Opera.

8. Battery Friendly

This feature, as the name suggests, does not take a toll on the battery life of your device like Chrome does. The Battery saver feature of Opera saves about one hour of your device’s battery life as compared to Chrome.

To extend the battery life of your laptop, the feature puts a pause on plugins which aren’t being used, theme animations. It reduces the activity of background tabs as well as changing JavaScript schedule so as to reduce the interaction with the CPU.

9. Sync Opera across your devices

Opera has one of the best hands-off features of all browsers. You don’t have to think twice when are switching between devices that you might lose your important data. You can sync your favorite websites and bookmarks on tabs and Speed Dial. Of course, you will have to log in to your Opera account first before you can utilize this feature of switching between your laptop and your phone. Your data will automatically sync as soon as you log in until you log out from the devices.

10. Built-in BitTorrent client and search

Opera makes itself an idol browser for all types of web users. And now it has brought something for those who love BitTorrent. Switching to another application to download a torrent will no longer be an option, thanks to the integrated BitTorrent client and search feature making it easier for the users to search what they want. The Transfer Manager feature of Opera will take care of the downloading part after the user has selected the file.

11. Speed Dial

When you first start using Opera browser, the Speed Dial page is empty. When you start browsing and go back to speed dial, you see the websites you just visited on the Speed Dial. This allows you to access these websites quickly and easily. You can bookmark the websites you visit the most to the speed dial and get instant access to them.

You can customize the look of your Speed-Dial. You can also search the web by making an entry in the search box which is made available on the top of your Speed Dial.

12. Customize keyboard shortcuts

We use a lot of time pointing and clicking on the links we want and this makes our browsing experience a little more tiring. If we use the keyboard to complete a few actions instead of drag and click, an average of two seconds every minute can be saved.

People who are into keyboard shortcuts will enjoy the feature of Opera where it lets you bind keyboard shortcuts of your choice. Such as specific keyboard commands to switch from one tab to another, closing/opening of tabs, opening Opera’s speed dial etc.

Steps: Click on Opera Menu. Select the Browsing tab. Scroll down a little until you see Shortcuts. Click on Configure Shortcuts. After following these steps, the browser will take you to a keyboard shortcuts list. Make your desired customizations and press OK and you are all set to use this cool feature.

All important features that are important for browsing web are supported by Opera. Your data can be synchronized, the battery life your device is extended, the passwords you enter are managed, and its ability to customize the interface, your bookmarks are managed. The browser efficiently offers all that you need – making it one of the best browsers to handle your needs.

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