Why Firefox Quantum is Awesome

There are plenty of browsers you can choose from when searching the web, but a select few have dominated online for the past decade or so. Firefox Quantum is a recent release from the Mozilla team, and it’s exceeded expectations – so much that you might actually want to consider switching away from Chrome or another browser. Here’s why Firefox Quantum is such a standout browser that’s really worth using for your web surfing activities.

It helps you keep your information private.

FIREFOX QUANTUMAlthough most browsers have privacy controls, some collect more information about you than others do (or allow the websites you visit to collect it). One of the nice things about using a Mozilla browser instead of a Google browser is that the privacy controls are much more detailed. You’ll have more of a say as to who’s getting your information and what they can do with it as compared to other browsers. Although no browser can completely stop anyone from getting your information, Firefox Quantum gives you much more control over it.

It’s fast and efficient.

Many browsers are frustrating to use purely because they’re so slow. Firefox Quantum runs much more quickly than the original Firefox. Mozilla has designed this browser to run twice as fast than the original version, and the difference is almost immediately noticeable. It also runs more quickly than Safari or Internet Explorer and is about on par with Chrome. Using a fast browser helps you do more on the web, particularly when you’re working.

There are plenty of extensions available.

Browser extensions expand the functionality of the application, allowing you to do more as you surf the web. Extensions allow you to do everything from save money while shopping to complete highly technical web projects. Some browsers support more extensions than others, and Quantum has a solid library to choose from, with more options added all the time. Most Chrome extensions are now available on Firefox, and there are plenty of extensions that are available only for Mozilla products as well.

Firefox Quantum is easier on your computer.

firefox browserWhen compared to other browsers, Quantum actually uses fewer resources, freeing up more room for your computer to work. Since this browser is so light and efficient, that makes it easier to have other things going in the background if you so desire. It also means it will preserve your battery life and keep your computer cooler.

The user interface is appealing and works well.

It’s not just how a browser works that makes it great, it’s also how it looks when it does it. The original version of Firefox was always visually appealing, but in the Quantum edition, Mozilla has really stepped things up. This UI is also very intuitive and easy to use, even for novice technology users. Although the differences are subtle, this can make for a much more pleasant web browsing experience. There’s also plenty of dev tools for the most tech-savvy users who need to be able to dive even deeper into their websites.

You can take screenshots easily.

It’s important to be able to take screenshots to save important information for later while you’re working. Instead of resorting to taking a picture of the computer screen on your phone like you might have to do with some other browsers, Quantum has a screenshot taker that’s very easy to use and doesn’t require additional installation. This feature makes it incredibly easy to go back and find important info later on.

Mozilla is a great company.

Mozilla firefoxNot only is Firefox Quantum a great browser, but Mozilla, its developer, is a wonderful company as well. They’re dedicated to making the internet safer for everyone to use and have taken an active stance promoting net neutrality and open source work. Their products are designed to be easy to use and have consumer safety at the forefront, which is just another great reason to try Firefox Quantum as your web browser.

The new version of Firefox is a must-add to your computer, whether you’re a technology enthusiast or just someone who uses the web infrequently. The intuitive and appealing design sets it apart from other browsers, and the increased speed and extensions available mean you’ll be able to get the most out of your web surfing activity.

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