The Future of SEO

The Future of SEO – Bright or Bleak?

Just a few years ago, SEO was a term that used to bring in mixed feelings to those involved with it. They would simply not understand how to go on with it, and if it clicked in raising the ranks in search results, then it was a miracle! However, things have changed and today, people are coming to terms with its nuances. They are said to invest as much as $70 billion in digital marketing by 2018.

Not just these figures, but also even the technicalities are altering by the minute. Let us now check out the three big changes that we might get to see in the upcoming days in digital marketing.

User experience will gain importance

User experienceYes, it is already vital but while so far, there has been a sharp focus on the technical aspect of SEO, the shift will now begin towards UX or User experience. As we have noted already, SEO experts are now not just arranging codes or programs. They interact with the clients and talk to them with power-packed and engaging content. Keeping an eye on what the visitor is doing using the analytics tool would be a wise way. However, less than 30% of the businesses actually use web analytics.

AMP will now be of greater significance

Earlier, Google just had to worry about the users using and checking out sites online via desktops or laptops. Now, the users are primarily making searches via mobile phones. That said, people would often leave a page if it takes too long to load. Hence, Google is working on improving the AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages to help the page load up fast.

Our website also gets the AMP, which has improved the footfall on our page by 12%. This is ideal for those who lose interest in a site, if it fails to load in three seconds or less, on their mobiles. Maximum users abandon their search midway and for them, the AMP is a blessing. Likewise, this has been a welcome change to the Washington Post, which saw a rise in the traffic of up to 23% in a matter of seven days.

AI will help in faster searches

RankBrainGoogle had introduced RankBrain, which was one of the top three ranking factors and ever since then, things have started looking better. The AI will from now make faster searches and not just that, it will take care of checking out sites that operate the White Hat methods to rank up organically on the search engine results. This is good news and finally one of the best things to happen to those hard working digital marketers who spend hours to improve their site visibility. So finally, we shall get to see on-page optimized site with decent content to feature on the top search results.

In short, if any of these or all of these predictions are to go by, they will bring in immense relief to the site developers looking for improving traffic to their website in the future.

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